Welcome to My Website!


Welcome to the official candidate webpage in support of my campaign to be the next National Policy Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada.  I am looking forward to talking with Liberals across Canada in the coming weeks and would be honoured to serve you, the Party, and our Leader, if I am elected at the LPC Biennial Convention in Winnipeg.


In addition to information about my history in the Liberal Party and my motivation to run, this site also contains:


  • My policy platform (which will be rolled out over the coming weeks)
  • Endorsements from across Canada
  • Important information about the 2016 Winnipeg Biennial Convention
  • A link to securely donate to my campaign

I have also included a direct email link for delegates planning to attend the convention. Click here to contact me and arrange a phone call.  I am very interested in listening to your ideas and perspective, particularly at this historic time in our Party.

In Winnipeg, the Liberal Party of Canada will put itself to the test of Real Change.

The New Constitutional Proposals Could Open Up the LPC Policy Process to Canadians in every corner of the country.

I have a vision and a plan to allow Liberals to engage with Party and Government policy making like never before.

Countdown to #Wpg2016