Cette section du site propose des libéraux de partout au Canada qui ont accepté d’ appuyer publiquement ma campagne. Reconnaissant que tous les supporters ont accepté de faire un appui public, je suis reconnaissant à ces personnes qui ont mis leur nom avant.

S’il vous plaît continuer à visiter cette page et ma page de campagne sur Facebook que je roule sur de nouvelles annonces d’approbation au cours des semaines précédant la convention.

Dario Garousian, President of the YLC(BC)

“It is an incredible honor to be able to endorse Dave Hurford for National VP Policy.  He truly embodies hope and hard work, and how better is always possible.  He has always strived to include everyone in the BC policy process, and is always ready to address anyone’s concerns.  In the wake of the new constitution, I have the utmost confidence that his experience combined with his vision will lead to the most inclusive and engaging policy process to date for the Liberal Party of Canada.”

William Amos, Député de Pontiac

“C’est un plaisir d’appuyer la candidature de mon ami et ancien collègue de la Colline du Parlement, Dave Hurford, pour le poste de président national des politiques du Parti libéral du Canada.  Dave offre tout ce qu’il faut: une connaissance approfondie de plusieurs enjeux, un réseau de PLC, des contacts d’experts non partisans, des relations solides à travers le pays, et une compréhension globale de la façon dont les décisions sont prises à Ottawa.  Mais plus important encore, il est un homme tête, quelqu’un qui peut faire confiance et qui marche droit.  Bonne chance, Dave – J’embarque!”

Hedy Fry, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Cetnre

“Dave has worked hard for the Liberal Party for over two decades.  He worked in Ottawa during the last Liberal government and understands the regional issues across the country well.  He will bring a national perspective and network to the role.  Dave has always been accessible and his experience will serve us well.  I am pleased to support his campaign and encourage delegates attending the Winnipeg convention to vote for him as National Policy Chair.”

Wendy Menzies, LPC(M) Policy Chair

“Dave grew up in rural Manitoba.  Over the past 20 years, he has worked very closely with diligent, committed Liberals who spend endless hours volunteering for local riding associations.  Dave understands the importance of the engagement and collaborative efforts of these Liberals to the future of Liberal Party of Canada.  The National Board needs the perspective and experiences that only Dave can contribute.  This is only one of the reasons why I am encouraging Delegates across Canada to support Dave’s campaign by voting for him as National Policy Chair at the Winnipeg Convention this week.”

The Honourable Raymond Simard, P.C.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Hurford on several occasions, including in Ottawa when he worked in Allan Rock’s office and subsequently on several leadership campaigns.  Dave was also instrumental in helping me get elected in the St. Boniface riding in 2002.  I have always found him to be an extremely well organized and thoughtful person.  For Dave, strategic thinking seemed to come naturally and I often asked his advice on issues of importance.  When Dave contacted me to speak of his plans to become a candidate for LPC National Policy Chair, I immediately offered my unqualified support.  I am convinced he is the right person for the job and his Liberal values will undoubtedly serve him well in helping our Party to develop policies that will resonate with the Canadian electorate in the future.”

Kyle Harrietha, Former Candidate - Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, 2015 Election and Fort McMurray-Athabasca, 2014 ‎By-Election

“I’m proud to endorse Dave Hurford in his candidacy for National Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada.  I’ve known Dave for 15 years and he is an able, competent, engaged, and well-informed individual with the knowledge and experience to undertake this important role in our party.  ‎As former candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Fort McMurray, a former Riding President, and a volunteer at every level and every campaign over 20 years, I know that Dave is up to the job.  I strongly encourage Liberal delegates to vote Dave Hurford for National Policy Chair.”

Cathy Moar, LPC(A) Campaign Co-Chair

“My long time friend Dave Hurford has years of experience in both the public and private sectors, and I know he will be an effective Policy Chair for our Party.  His understanding of issues from coast to coast to coast will provide an important perspective at a critical point in our Party’s history.  I am pleased to add my name to those supporting Dave and encourage Alberta delegates to vote for him as National Policy Chair at next weekend’s convention.”

Kulwinder Saini, Former LPC(A) Vice President Membership

“I have known Dave Hurford for than twenty years and had the pleasure of working with him in Minister David Anderson’s office.  I have always been impressed with Dave‘s strategic mind and his keen grasp of the issues facing each region of the country.  When I was working in Nunavut, Dave assisted our local MP to secure broadband Internet access for the Arctic region, and now being based in Edmonton for several years, I have seen Dave help to secure funding for both Alberta’s primary care clinics and Edmonton’s Ring Road project.  The Liberal Party is fortunate to have someone of Dave’s calibre running and I truly believe that he is the right person for the job.”

LPC(M) Campaign Co-Chairs Sandy Chahal and Christian Monnin

“We are pleased to support David Hurford’s campaign for national policy chair.  David grew up in Manitoba and still has many roots here.  His experience working across all four Western Provinces over the past 20 years will be a great asset for Liberals at this important time in our Party.  I want to encourage all Manitoba delegates to vote for David as Policy Chair at next weeks’ national convention.”

Sean McEachern, President of the Regina-Wascana EDA

“I am pleased to support Dave Hurford’s campaign for National Policy Chair.  Dave will be a great representative for Western Canada at the national level.  He will work hard for rural and urban ridings, and his experience will be a great asset for Liberals at this important time in our Party’s history.  I want to encourage all Saskatchewan delegates to vote for David as Policy Chair at next week’s national convention.”

Doug McDonald, Incoming Policy Chair for the LPC Seniors' Commission

“As the Party seeks to reinvent itself for the future, David’s participation and strong commitment to seeking members’ input will be a major asset to the National Board of Directors and the development of a new LPC policy process.”


Bruce Young, LPC(BC) Campaign Co-Chair

“In good times and bad, Dave Hurford has always been there for the Liberal Party of Canada.  During the last election, I was thankful to have his active support on the BC Campaign.  I am pleased to be supporting him for VP Policy of the LPC at our upcoming Winnipeg Convention.”

Pam Goldsmith-Jones, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

“Dave has my full support for National Policy Chair.  He’s experienced, engaged and inclusive.  Plus, he is a member of our West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky riding association!  Dave will bring a West Coast perspective to the development of party policy.”

Sukh Dhaliwal, Member of Parliament for Surrey-Newton

“There have been many points in my time as an MP where I have turned to Dave for advice on a particular issue, or to have a discussion about the different positions we were taking as a Party.  He has a brilliant mind for policy, and is a voice that I have a lot of trust in.  Dave will be an amazing National Policy Chair because he understands how to include, engage and excite Liberal supporters about the policy process.”

Suzanne Cowan, Candidate for LPC Vice President (English)

“I strongly encourage everyone to check out Dave Hurford, who is running for Vice-President Policy.  Dave will make an amazing addition to the incoming Liberal Party executive and I hope he can count on your support.”

Tyler Banham, President of the LPC(O)

“I’m excited to see a candidate of Dave’s political calibre & experience running as he has worked as a political advisor to previous federal Ministers of Industry, Health, Infrastructure, Transport, Revenue, Fisheries and Ocean, in addition to serving as Policy Chair to the Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia).  With over 23 years experience in the Party, Dave Hurford will bring experience, ideas, and leadership to the Liberal Party’s National Board.”

Manjot Hallen, President of the LPC(BC)

“Dave has given his time to the Liberal Party here in BC and across the country for over two decades, and served as a mentor to me when I first got involved in 1998.  Dave’s years of experience as a Senior Policy Advisor to several Ministers in Ottawa, as well as his intimate knowledge of how LPC policy development has evolved over the years, will be an invaluable asset in this exciting period of change.”

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